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Program Descriptions

KRJE Program Descriptions 


Bible Answers
Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to audience questions.

Bible Answers LIVE
Evangelist Doug Batchelor presents Biblical answers to live call-in questions.

Books of the Book
Kevin Hart, from the 3ABN Pastoral Staff, and Thomas Shepherd, professor of New Testament
interpretation, as well as other guests, provide an in-depth, verse-by-verse study of individual books of the Bible.

CHIP Health
The Coronary Health Improvement Project, also known as CHIP, presents practical ways of  helping you to feel better, think more clearly, and enjoy a closer walk with God. Co-hosted by Charles Mills and Dr. Hans Diehl.

Classic Radio Sermons
These sermons from the past feature speakers who have provided audiences with a consistent, timely message for decades: Pastor Joe Crews, the founder and original voice of Amazing Facts, and Pastor H.M.S. Richards, Sr. from the Voice of Prophecy.

Dynamics in the Science of Prayer
Tyrone Phillips shares how to enrich your prayer life in this in-depth series.

Righteousness by Faith
Pastor Morris Venden talks on the subject of Righteousness by Faith through his experiences. 

Footsteps of Paul
Tony Moore from Biblical World brings the pages of Scripture to life as he talks about the country where Paul preached to the Gentiles and early Christians.

Health for a Lifetime
Host Don Mackintosh speaks with a variety of physicians and health care professionals discussing many common, and some not so common, health problems, and answering frequently asked questions.

His Words Are Life
Inspirational passages from the Bible are read by Kelly Mowrer.

Homeschool of Health
A variety of preventive medicine specialists and physicians present principles of healthful living.

It Is Written
This is the audio version of a well-known religious telecast that has been on the air since 1956. Each week the current speaker, Pastor John Bradshaw, takes timeless truths and applies them to everyday life.

It’s a Better Way to Live
Shawn Boonstra from It Is Written shares inspirational thoughts on everyday life including health, family, and work.

Lifestyle Magazine
A variety of topics on current health and family issues in daily life, hosted by Mike Tucker.

Marriage In God's Hands
Family educators Tom and Alane Waters present Bible-based concepts for a happy marriage.

More Abundant Life
Inspirational music and sermons by Pastor Wintley Phipps from the More Abundant Life ministry.

Musical Meditations
Jay Christian of 3ABN radio hosts this program featuring favorite hymns, gospel, country, and
contemporary music.

Nutrition and the Brain
Lectures by Rise Rafferty on the brain and how it affects our health.

Power to Cope
Pastor Juanita Kretchmar interviews various guests who have been able to cope in stressful situations.

Stop Smoking Clinic
Cancer Surgeon Dr. Arthur Weaver offers advice on how to quit smoking in an informal, interesting way.

Take it to the Bank
Cordell Thomas gives advice on many aspects of managing money.

The Bible in Living Sound
This series presents dramatized Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, complete with music and sound effects, which will captivate listeners of all ages.

The Voice of Prophecy
Various hosts discuss issues that affect Christians today in a down-to-earth way that listeners will find enjoyable and enlightening.

Thinking About Home
Kathy Mathews presents programs dealing with family issues and the spiritual well being of the family.

Ultimate Prescription
Cardiologist James Marcum and Charles Mills discuss various health topics.

When God’s People Pray
Ruthie Jacobsen explores the power of prayer and introduces guests who share exciting insights and stories.

Women at the Well
This program hosted by Teresa Boote examines the faith-filled lives of some amazing, but ordinary, women of the Bible, comparing the lives of those women to the lives of women today.

Wonderfully Made
Top health professionals present fascinating health topics in this original series.

Your Story Hour
Dramatized stories from history, biography, and the Bible that teach positive character traits such as honesty, integrity, courage and faith. Produced with children in mind, but will be enjoyed by everyone.