Some changes have had to happen at KRJE

Let us know what you think of the website. We've tried to make it user friendly. Look around and tell us what you think. 

Stream is now live. We want to thank you all for your patience. #

 As of the week of 4/23-29/2018, we have now been on the air for 8 years. The Lord continues to bless greatly in our endeavor. We hope you have gained a blessing from it as well. We are looking for to many more years of service. 

We have other thoughts as well, but one thing at a time. As always we are so glad that the Lord has given us this opportunity to serve you.

Our greatest desire is to help everyone our radio signal comes in contact with, become a  personal friend with Jesus. If you've been blessed, contact and let us know. We very much enjoy hearing from our listeners.