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About Us


In October of 2007 the FCC opened a filing window for full power non-commercial educational FM stations. Dan Bonjour, member of the Hawkeye Seventh-day Adventist church, felt a call to go forward in faith and apply. A board was formed to examine the implications of such a project and the church voted to proceed. 

On January 26, 2010 we received our construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission. 

The tower was put up in April, 2010 at the Bonjour farm near Fayette. The foundations were laid by Mueller Construction, Postville, IA and the tower erected by La Crescent Tower Service. The studio is located at the home of Dan and Sue Bonjour of Fayette. 

This has been, and still is, a very exciting time as we strive to provide our surrounding communities with positive programs, music, and encouragement!


Mission Statement

  1. To provide religious instruction and moral teaching. 

  2. To teach parents and children principles for strengthening the home 

  3. To help members of the community discover solutions to the personal, social, relational and health problems typical of contemporary times. 

  4. To provide opportunity for and to promote discussion of all areas of family, contemporary social, religious and personal life issues. 

  5. To teach the ideals of citizenship, integrity, personal responsibility, moral rectitude and spiritual maturity.